Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30 Poems in 30 Days #2 - The T.R.U.E. Story of Uncle Elmer

To reclaim unwanted expenses, the retired Uncle Elmer took residence upon Elmer Tower's

Unbeknownst even to rich Uncle Elmer, the rakish ugliness employed through Richard's (Uncle Elmer's trusted relative) unbelievably excessive tawdry rites upended Elmer Tower's respected utility experts, taxing revenue until even trillionaires rampaged, unable, effectively, to realistically utter evidence that ruled Uncle Elmer's transactions reliable.

Ultimately, Elmer's tainted relative utilized each trick, readily used every twisted route, unlikely, evil, (though regarded unarguably excellent to ruthless ushers entering tomorrow), razed Uncle Elmer's tower residence until emptiness took root - undermined Elmer's trophied resolve - undid Elmer (thought respectable, unwavering, eternal) till righteous underlings envied the rot upon eggplants too ripe.

Uncle Elmer's true reports urge everyone to resist unnecessary excess, to report utter evil.

This reminds us, every time raging upheaval enters, to respect uphill efforts, to reach upheld ethics;

to remain ultimately, endlessly true. 

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