Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Poems in 30 Days - #1 Sandshard

We walked along the same shoreline grinding sand between toes
Nostrils flaring around the sting of salt vapour
and it was decided we evolved in the wrong direction.
And maybe it was the love-sick honesty,
or the twinkle in the stars keeping my head in the clouds
but I missed the glint of shattered glass in sand grains until my skin broke,
pooling bloody tracks underfoot.

Honestly, it was a nice assurance that my heart was working
a steady reminder that things were alright, see - we evolved in the wrong direction for today.
Picked a path just a little too early but it didn't mean we needed to die,
just deconstruct and go back to where we began
Where roots grew from love and sprouted an ironwood foundation
Strong enough to satisfy a need to explore, and keep lethality from our trials
One that keeps my head skyward and lets me step in blood-priced reminders that shards of glass aren't always broken - they may just need to be sand again.

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