Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My God

I’d like to talk about my god
My god is the creator, curator, partaker
In life and the living. My god is the light of day
And the tranquility of night. My god is a map
Of stars and heavenly bodies. My god is a compass
To which I cling, to guide me morally north.
My god is a beacon in absolute dark.
But please, allow me this occasion
To explain just why my god is everything my god is.
See, my god has observed me, preserved my
Virtues and values. Never once have I been judged by my god.
My god sees me as me, not sinner or saint. My god will guide me,
Support me, and never extort me.
My god abhors the wars that plague our history
Laments the extents of hatred and bigotry
My god’s not about building fortune or fame
My god doesn’t even ask me to capitalize his name
My god asks no categories, no segments and sects
No acts in my god’s name, no crusades, and no deaths
My god stands beside me, no veil, no shroud
Adds chorus to my voice, and helps cry aloud
“Gather round friends, I beg to be heard
Of conditions that render this planet absurd
While I’m not here to preach, I beseech you all, please
Give a moment to reason, that it might buy you peace.
I’ll ask no donations, my god is not greedy
And churches take space that could shelter the needy
I will give you my promise – faith need not be tested
And the children of this faith can live unmolested
By those they would trust and provide with their love
Because my god’s right here.”
Love is the best way to traverse my god’s path
And it don’t fucking matter what sex organs you have
Because love is just that. Love. No restrictions
Love is far more than the need to make infants.
Love is beyond our vaginas and dicks
To my god, a faggot’s a bundle of sticks
A dyke is a levee to regulate water
Not a name that you hurl at your lesbian daughter
And god…don’t even get my god started on war
I’ll say it again, though I’ve said it before
It’s an outrage of nature, the blood of our kind
Being splashed as we’re gashed and made wastes of a mind
Which could elsewise be working to teach and subdue
That which halts the full human potential coming through.
It’s hard to ignore that we’re violent creatures
When we decorate soldiers while pissing on teachers
My god openly weeps when considering cost
Cause who the fuck ever heard of ‘justifiable loss’?
War is a crime, it don’t matter the cause
Whether soil or oil, it’s grasping at straws
Like the colour of skin, or whose religion is best
They say “God’s in our hearts!” Well, your heart’s in your chest
This is man-made destruction, corruption erupting
The seduction of scapegoating God for protection.
It has to stop.

So I ask you now, stand up and do what you can manage
That we might co-habitate on this beautiful planet
And think of my god who won’t demand reference
Through skin colour, gender, or sexual preference
My god who would never send children to war
and will shrilly condemn what our weapons are for
my god who insists that the world be fed
with shoes for each foot and roofs for each head
There’s enough who agree that something can be done
We can stand up together, grant justice a home
And we can’t be afraid to raise questions to ears
Who would otherwise hide based upon their own fear.
And I’d love to assure you my god will come through
But the truth is, these questions have to be asked by you
I’m afraid I’ve been lying. The truth, then, is this:
My perfect world’s God just doesn’t exist.

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