Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Poems in 30 Days - #10 A Moment to Reflect

Raindrops on the rearview stood stalwart
Automotive blurs flew past without definition
and somewhere in the middle, time froze
She unclasped sweaty palms from the wheel
unbuckled and exhaled, she swore she saw flames in the opposite lane
Clear going back.
Feeling well-seasoned in disease, cooked in a carcinogen marinade
seeing sick silhouettes of splintered spines and spindly fingers clawing the asphalt behind her
Off to meet the maker, though she felt like the maker's meat, slathered in sauces of otherworldly delicacies
To be served up on a plate for his dining pleasure.
Faces of fear in the mirror, so much closer than they appeared
Time, death, regret...catching up quickly
She knew time would return any second now.
Would that she could freeze it a while longer.
They told her she had one month to live.
Just freeze it a while longer...
One month to live...
Just a while longer...
One month...
One month when she still needed seven to balance out the loss.

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