Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 Poems in 30 Days - #7 Final Moments of a Pest on a Quest

Cockroach lived in the pipes.
Emerged in the porcelain wasteland to hunt sustenance.
Skittered across checkerboard surface, tripping in shed hairs of the sentinel.
Wary...cautious...terrified...but so hungry.
Sentinel was a creature of territory, a creature of rage.
Cockroach knew to be spotted was almost certainly to be killed.
To be starved though...unacceptable.
First threshold breached...Cockroach found new ground...slalom of soft fur grass, grey, filthy beneath.
Much to cling to....much to tangle in.
Must be quick. Must be cautious. Must be fed. Must remain Cockroach.
Tremors felt...Cockroach froze. Sentinel? No. Tremors from above.
Journey continued. Soft purchase in each step, a joy to travel.
Shame these lands had become so dangerous.
Crumbs beneath carpet...not for eating. Cockroach maintained pride. Filth is trap set by Sentinel.
Shaking in air, metal ringing, deafening - alarm! Sentinel returning!
Cockroach readied an escape...but...cannot starve. Must find food! Will avoid sentinel.
Hid beneath great structure of dead hides, felt great portal slam shut, tremors grew in fierce magnitude. Cockroach clinged to soft grass. Felt tremors abate as Sentinel rested in distant area.

Opportunity seized!
Cockroach dashed mad, reckless and tearing through filthy grey fur grass - so soft, so comfortable, so deadly in a hurry
Hunting ground reached, Feeding box located - Blue, upright, open...left on floor. Possible Sentinel trap?
Too hungry to care. Painted beast upon and black striped, red cloth around neck, white belly, mocking smile. Must be meant to frighten others away. Cockroach not gullible. Knew sweet flakes reside within box. So hungry.
Sudden tremor...Cockroach did not notice approach...distracted by food.
Heard last sounds
"Aww fuck!"
Cockroach felt pressure on his back.

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