Thursday, April 5, 2012

30 Poems in 30 days - #5 Eyes Up

To the children of the twilight breeze - Let us venture North
To a place where the grass underfoot still feels alive
A place we are wary of unseen creatures, rather than they be wary of us
A place where the last streetlight can scream its false powers, but still never be heard

Children of the twilight breeze, let us fall to our backs and revel in the story unfolding above
Let us join great Orion in his celestial hunt, fasten our belts with the Alnilam buckle
Stand on feet of Rigel and Saiph, raise our weapons with Betelgeuse and Bellatrix
And let us hunt mighty Taurus across the night sky

Let us be fools in Cassiopeia's court, jesting of our importance while she lay recumbent on our longest-lasting source of astonishment - casting evidence of our ignorance as long as we dare to see - The hydra, the pegasus, the dragon - These are no myths in the twilight realm.

I ask you - What is Hollywood in the face of Andromeda?

In this place - The bear hunts us.
In this place - We are insects to the Scorpion

In this place - We bid the sky good morning as we lay us down to sleep.

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